Chartering - Frequently Asked Question:


1. How do I choose the right yacht for me?

2. What is the Booking procedure?

3. What is The Cost of a Crewed yacht/Bareboat?

4. What do I need to bring with me?

5. What's our itinerary going to be like?

6. What type of food and drinks are served?

7. What is included & not included in the charter fee for bare boats?

8. What is included & not included in the charter fee for crewed yachts?

 9. Is there a discount policy?"

10. What is the payment policy?

11. What is the cancellation policy?

12. What is the Insurance & Security Deposit policy?

13. What qualifications do I need to charter a bare boat sailing yacht?

14. Do you provide boat briefings?

15. What is a flotilla?

16. Cabin Charter - Greece - Turkey - Croatia - Spain - Caribbean

      17. What are the standard charter times?

      17. Do you have the standard terms for charter?




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How do I choose the right yacht for me?
The decision to charter a yacht is a personal choice or preference depending on your budget, your party size and your experience in sailing, among other factors.

All sailing yachts have a set number of cabins hosting from 2 up to the stated amount of passengers. For a party of 6, for example you would choose a yacht with a minimum of 3 cabins. Other factors to consider is your comfort level and your budget. Generally, a yacht of 38ft and larger offers more space and head room than a smaller size yacht. You will want to sail in comfort without being cramped in tight quarters. Year build may also be a significant factor. The newer models are more spacious, better designed with newer engines and performance capabilities.

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What is the Booking procedure?
·          You can e.mail or fax our charter department for details of availability, prices and boat details.
·          You can use our online bookings procedure -YACHT SELECTION

Once a yacht and dates have been agreed we will send you the following paper work:
·          Invoice
·          Bareboat or crewed boat contract
·          Provisioning forms (if requested)
·          Client’s preference list to be filled (Crewed yachts)
·          Universal Crewlist (Crew List )

To confirm the booking we allow 4 days after the invoice was issued for you to transfer the money to our bank account. Once you have done the payment please kindly fax us bank transfer slip at this following number +31.84.746.9783. We shall confirm to you as soon as the fund arrive to our account.
The booking will be confirmed once the deposit is received.

As for the contract please kindly undersign. We require you to fax, e-mail the contract back to us at least two weeks before departure.

In additional: all clients hiring either bare boat or crewed boat are advised to take out travel insurance for personal injury (accident medical costs /repatriation during your sailing vacation) before arriving to take their charter yacht. This is normally quite a cheap insurance and is often covered by ones’ credit card company. Please send us a copy of each persons cover before arrival.


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What is The Cost of a Crewed yacht/Bareboat?
The cost of charters varies depending on the age and size of vessel, power or sail, number of people on board, etc. The duration of the charter is usually a week, but can be any length. Generally, all food, beverages and water, port fees, fuel, bedsheets and towels, endcleaning and shipper and/or hostess (optionals)are excluded.

Motor yachts cost more than sail. Groups on larger yachts can often be less expensive per person than a couple on a small yacht. Yachts are available for parties of 2 or more. Large groups may prefer to charter more than 1 yacht and travel as a flotilla. This is very common, especially for corporate groups.

Gratuities are the norm when the service merits it. Remember that your crew work hard to ensure your holiday/vacation is a great one. They are your chef, bartender, tour guide, waiter etc...

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What do I need to bring with me?
Pack light is the key to enjoying your sailing Holiday/vacation. You will find that you will use half the clothing you pack. Essentials are: light summer clothing such as shorts, tops, skirts, sun hats or caps, sandals, trainers/sneakers or soft soled athletic shoes, bathing/swim suites and warmer clothing for night wear such as sweatshirt, sweater, windbreaker, jeans, light pants. A few of the more formal restaurants require long pants and collared shirts and occasionally a jacket, but "smart casual" is the norm. For cooler months we recommend warmer clothing and a rain-jacket.

We recommend soft sided luggage as most appropriate. They will fit in the cabin compartments and be easier to secure in cases of windy weather. Also hard luggage can damage woodwork and paint. Consider bringing additional foldable baggage to pack items you purchase on your visit.

Yacht sailing is a "soft adventure", be prepared for calm seas as well as windy conditions. If any lean towards sea sickness, over the counter medications or prescriptions may be handy. Ensure you have an adequate supply of prescribed medications as you may not be able to refill medical prescriptions whilst away.

Your own mask and snorkel if you’re inclined, but all yachts carry an assortment of sizes. If you are expecting to scuba dive, check with your broker to make sure of the available equipment on board the yacht.


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What's our itinerary going to be like?
The itinerary is based on your preferences of activities, we are also familiar with most locations and can advise accordingly. The crew knows the territory very well and will tailor the cruise to fit your requests.
It is usually not possible to see everything in one visit however, and you may need to adjust your itinerary to accommodate your schedule and activities you have chosen or return again in the future for another charter. For all our inteneraries please visit also:
Online Interaries.

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What type of food and drinks are served?
Every day you will do your own shopping - we advise you to have a good breakfast, healthy lunch and a enjoyable dinner in the evening in one of the nice local tavernes.

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What is included & not included in the charter fee for bare boats?

·          Use of the vessel standard from Saturday 17:00h till Saturday 09:00h with return to Port on Friday max 16:00h.
·          Boat and area briefing - check in
·          Use of yacht and navigation equipment including sea charts
·          Use of dingy & outboard
·          Bed linen & towels (not in all cases free of charge)
·          Snorkeling equipment
·          End cleaning (not in all cases free of charge))
·          VAT

Not Included - subject to yacht - partner and place
·          Provisioning and Fuel
·          Security Deposit
·          Optional Gear ( Outboard Spinnaker, windsurfer,etc...)
·          Mooring fees and Import Duties
·          Endcleaning
·          Skipper and Hostess
·          National Park and Marina Fees

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What is included & not included in the charter fee for crewed yachts?

·          24 hours use of the vessel
·          All on board meals and soft drinks
·          Services of the captain, cook & crew
·          Snorkeling equipment

Not Included
·          Bar and alcohol
·          Land transfers
·          National Park and Marina Fees
·          King’s Cup and Regatta supplements
·          Visa expenses for Burma and Andaman Islands

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Is there a discount policy?
For most yachts the following discounts apply (except MYBA terms):
·           10% - 15% early booking for bookings prior to 31/12
·           5% multiple week discount
·           5% multiple yacht disount

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What is the payment policy?

·          50% deposit to confirm booking
·          Balance payment 6 weeks before charter commences

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What is the cancellation policy?
·          More than 6 weeks before the charter date, 50% of the total charter fee
·          Within 6 weeks of the charter date, 100% of the total charter fee


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What is the Insurance & Security Deposit policy?
Bare Boats: All boats are fully insured however the dingy is not covered by the insurance.
The security deposit varies from 1,600 Euro  to 3,000 Euro, can be increase for races.
Please check on our rate list, the amount for security deposit.         
We take the security deposit in the form of cash or credit card slip upon arrival at the base.

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What qualifications do I need to charter a bare boat sailing yacht?
Subject to country. We require that the skipper chartering a bareboat should have a minimum of sailing experience as the skipper of a yacht similar to the one he/she would like to charter.

Croatia, Italy and Spain requires - as first countries with Europe Europe – International licenses such as  I.C.C. You must present this also on the spot. If you will sail without ICC you run risk that the holiday prematurely will be finished if you are checked bij  the port police. Moreover in the case of damage you could be expiled from the insurance and you will be held for damage. Wishful Sailing Company recommend therefore for these and other countries to have these licences and experience available.. radio and VHF certificate are advise certainly and in Croatia obliges.


None of the above is for the moment applicable for sailing in Greece, France and Turkey. In these countries nautical experience is more than sufficient.


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Do you provide boat briefings?
The chartered and his or her party will be given general briefing covering the local cruising grounds by our local partners. Questions about navigation, anchorages, prevailing conditions, or any part of the desired itinerary can be answered. A more specific boat briefing aboard the yacht will then be given, covering all the operating systems, including rigging, electrical system, water system, windlass, stove, dinghy, outboard and emergency systems. When you book our Flotilla we will have a daily Palaver in which route, anchor places, weather and new arrival port will be briefed. These palaver will take 10 - 15 minutes of your preparation time per day.

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What is a flotilla?

The ultimate in social sailing and a great option for couples, singles and groups of friends with a taste for adventure, a vacation with Wishful Sailing Flotillas is an informal, relaxed and unique experience. This is a vacation with a difference, seeing somewhere new every day without having to pack and unpack or pay extra travel or hotel expenses.

Sailing with up to 10 other yachts, your lead crew will sail with you and provide a flexible itinerary that includes suggested anchorages to visit during the day or to moor for the night, ensuring you see the best of your chosen sailing area.

There’s also the option to meet up with the whole flotilla at agreed destinations for dinner, punch parties, beach picnics and to take part in fun regattas and other social events. Many flotilla enthusiasts say that this is what makes a flotilla trip so special – meeting people with similar interests and sharing the excitement of discovering new sailing areas together.

Some people return year after year to the same sailing area, keeping in touch with flotilla friends and often booking together for future vacations. Others prefer to try a new area each year, and with so many routes to choose from there is always something new to discover…


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Cabin Charter - Greece - Turkey - Croatia - Spain - Caribbean

Sailing Holidays or Cabin Charter or berth charter- are a new venture in affordable yachting holidays, designed to offer the thrills of sailing, with little or no experience, adding a new dimension to adventure vacations all around the world.

Cabin charters are all about separate –double- cabin rentals onboard vessels ranging from 45ft to 300ft and capable for carrying 6 to 300 guests.  This is a “category” that mostly refers to couples, individuals or big groups that have no or little sailing experience.  It is usually an all-inclusive price package and the yachts will act as a flotilla guidance yacht.


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What are the standard charter times

Check inn is standard from Saturday afternoon between 17:00h and 18:00. You are requested to return to port on Friday afternoon not later than 16:00h. After check out you can stay on board until Saturday morning 09:00h


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Charter party conditions:


Contractual partners

            The charter party is concluded between the charter company and the charterer, and may be concluded through the intermediary of the agency if need be.

Payment, cancellation, non performance of the charterer

1.         Unless otherwise stated in the charter party, payment of the first instalment, as defined, of the charter price is due within three days of conclusion of the charter party; the balance is due six weeks before the commencement of charter. Payment must be received before the dead-lines indicated.

2.         In emergencies the charter company may withdraw within 4 days of conclusion of the charter party. In such a case the charter company undertakes to repay to the charterer without delay any monies already paid (if need be, through the agent).

3.         The charterer is strongly recommended to take out a voyage cancellation costs insurance. The charter company or the agent will be pleased to send a quotation for such insurance.

4.         Shall the charterer be unable to effect payments within the periods stated in the contract, the charter company is entitled to withdraw from the contract, provided that the charterer does not effect a payment within the appropriate additional respite, set by the charter company. Possible effected rates shall be refunded less service charge only in case, if a substituted charter takes place. Calculating the service charge, the charter company is entitled to consider the additional expenditure incurred through a charter elsewhere and to include possible required discounts. The charterer is at liberty to substantiate to the charter company that there is no damage, resulting to the charter company, or less than asserted. Furthermore, in case of miscarriage of a substituted charter, the charterer is at liberty to substantiate to the charter company that it has saved expenditures and has therefore at least a partial obligation of repayment.

Obligations of the charter company

1.         The agreed yacht will be delivered to the charterer in a clean, sailable, sea-worthy condition, and with full tanks.

2.         If the agreed yacht cannot be delivered at the date agreed in the charter party (e.g. because of average, un-seaworthiness as a result of an accident in the preceding charter etc) the charter company may deliver an equivalent yacht without prejudice to the warranty claims of the charterer in so far as there are  defects in the replacement yacht.

The charterer warrants and undertakes the following:

1.         to observe the principles of good seamanship.

2.         to possess a good command of seamanship and sufficient experience in the command of a yacht or to appoint a responsible skipper with such capabilities. If the charterer or his skipper does not possess the necessary licence or certificate of competence to skipper a yacht of the agreed class, the charter company reserves the right to refuse to hand over the yacht, retaining the charter price, or to appoint a skipper in the name of and for the account of the charterer.

3.         to observe the laws of any country he might visit and to report the arrival and departure of the yacht to the harbour master.

4.         not to use the yacht for the purposes of business or trade, not to take on board any persons not being a member of his immediate group, not to hand over or hire the yacht to a third party without the written consent of the charter company and not to transport any hazardous goods or materials.

5.         not to leave the maritime region of the charter company without the prior written consent of the charter company.

6.         not to make any changes to the yacht or its equipment.

7.         to handle the yacht and its equipment with care, always to wear sailing shoes when on board, to maintain the log book in a simple form, prior to the commencement of charter to inform himself in detail about the area to be travelled, e.g. currents, and sea level changes during strong winds etc.

8.         not to leave the protective harbour if winds over 7 on the Beaufort scale are forecast.

9.         to return the yacht in proper working order, in an orderly condition with all equipment properly stowed and with full tanks; failure to do this will mean that the cost of filling the tanks and stowing equipment will be deducted from the deposit.

10.        to inform the charter company immediately by phone or telegraph in the event of damage, collision, average or other unusual events. To prepare a written account In the event of damage to the yacht or injury to persons, and to have this countersigned by the harbour-master or doctor.

11.        always to have the yacht towed by its own line in the event of average or similar events, and to make no agreement about towing or salvage.

12.        to check the condition of the yacht and check that all its equipment and items listed on the inventory are complete, both on taking over and returning the boat (the check list), and to confirm this by means of a signature.

13.        to report complaints concerning the yacht without delay to the yacht’s base and to note these in the delivery or return documents. Claims notified at a later date cannot be entertained.

14.        where applicable, to sign charter parties required by law or the charter company's own contract forms before taking over the yacht.

Repairs, engines and monitoring of the bilges

1.         Repairs costing over € 100 must have the approval of the charter company. The original of any part replaced must be retained. Payments for repairs necessary as a result of wear and tear will be reimbursed by the charter company on presentation of invoices accompanied by the corresponding receipt.

2.         The charterer must check the level of the oil, the cooling water and the bilges each day. The charterer must check the cooling water flow continuously during the charter. Damage due to the motor running dry are not insured under any circumstances, and is for the account of the charterer. The motor must not be used when heeling under sail at over 10º as in such a case oil or water supplies to the engine do not function.

Cancellation by the charterer or reduction of the charter price in the event of late delivery or defects

1.         If the charter company fails to provide the yacht, or at least an equivalent replacement yacht at the time agreed in the charter party, the charterer may withdraw from this charter party, but not before 24 hours from the commencement of the charter, and receive full reimbursement of all payments made under this charter party. If the charter period is two or more weeks, the minimum time before which the charterer can withdraw is increased by 24 hours per additional week.

2.         All other claims for compensation by the charterer are excluded, except in the case of intent and gross negligence by the charter company. If the charterer does not withdraw from the charter, he may claim for reimbursement of the charter price pro rata for the time for which the charter company failed to hand over the yacht.

3.         Damage to the yacht and its equipment which does not prejudice its sea-worthiness and which allow the yacht to continue to be used in a reasonable manner shall not be grounds for withdrawal. A reduction in the charter price in such a case is also excluded.

Charter company’s liability

1.         The charter company shall only be liable towards the charterer and his crew for loss or damage arising from intent or gross negligence on the part of the charter company, as well as for damages to life and health or personal injuries, resulting from negligent breach of duty by the charter company or from intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or assistant of the charter company.

2.         The charter company shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by inaccuracies, amendments, mistakes and defects in the ancillary nautical equipment provided, e.g. marine charts, handbooks, compass, radio direction finding equipment etc.

3.         Claims by the charterer due to the inability of the yacht for use resulting from damage or total loss caused by the charterer or a third party during the charter shall be excluded.

Agency’s liability

            The agency is only liable as an intermediary for intentional or grossly negligent dereliction of duty in the performance of its services as an intermediary.

Charterer’s liability

1.         The charterer shall indemnify the charter company against all civil and criminal consequences of third party claims arising from actions and failures to act on the part of the charterer including all legal costs in the country of delivery and abroad. The charterer accepts the yacht on his own responsibility.

2.         If the charterer leaves the yacht at any place other than the agreed location for any reason whatsoever, the charterer shall bear the costs for the return of the yacht by water or by land. If the return of the yacht extends beyond the time period of the charter, the yacht shall be deemed to be returned by the client at the time of its arrival in the agreed harbour.

3.         Late return of the yacht and non-usability of the yacht caused by the charterer shall be grounds for claims for compensation by the charter company.

4.         Attention is drawn to the fact that conclusion of hull insurance by the charter company does not mean that the charterer is not liable for loss or damage not covered by such insurance, or for loss or damage for which the insurance expressly reserved the right of recourse to the charterer. This applies particularly to damage caused by gross negligence, intent or failure to observe the conditions of the charter party, and for any consequential loss or damage.

5.         The conditions of the insurance, which we will gladly provide on request, are an integral part of this contract. The deductible excess for each loss is to be borne by the charterer and may differ from the deposit paid. The deposit will be repaid without delay on the return of the yacht and equipment in good condition. Loss and damage will be off-set against the deposit. Loss and damage not covered by the deposit or the insurance shall be paid without delay by the charterer.

            Conclusion of an extended “Skipper’s liability insurance” (which covers crew’s liability amongst themselves and recovery of losses to the chartered yacht in the event of substantiated gross negligence) and a consequential loss insurance is strongly recommended. The charter company and broker will be pleased to send all necessary documentation.

Miscellaneous/subsidiary agreements/ information / separability clause

1.         The charter period may only be extended with the agreement of the charter company. If there should be obvious errors in the invoicing of the charter price and the extras, the charter company and the charterer have the right and the obligation to correct the charter price in line with the valid price list. This does not affect the legality of this contract.

2.         All care is taken in the preparation of information, but information is given without guarantee.

3.         The invalidity of individual provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the charter party. The parties agree to replace invalid provisions by valid provisions most closely approaching the invalid provisions.

Place of jurisdiction, applicable law.

            All claims relating to the relationship between charterer and agency shall be subject to the law applicable to the registered office of the agency; the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the broker. All claims relating to the relationship between charterer and charter company shall be subject to the law applicable at the registered office of the charter company, and the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the charter company.