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Sailboat Croatia | Adriatic Sea:

The Adriatic Sean coast is a marvellous Sailboat area, pre-eminently suitable for spending a Sailboat holiday. There are 1,185 islands, rocks and reefs, of which 56 are inhabited, resulting in a unique seascape for sailors. The name country of a thousand islands is well earned. Numerous cultures shaped this fascinating Sailboat district over several thousand years and that makes this area a fascinating spot for Sailboat Croatia and enjoying your holiday. The blue, warm and clear sea offers peace and tranquillity. The sun, the mild climate, the colours and the local atmosphere offer all sailors an unforgettable Sailboat Croatia holiday.


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Over a thousand islands make up the Dalmatian Islands. With such variety, calm winds and turquoise waters, the Adriatic Sean coastline makes for an unforgettable Sailboat Croatia holiday. The sea here is remarkably clean and, unlike some parts of the Mediterranean, is still alive with sea life and full of fish. The cities and villages are ancient and intriguing. With so many stunning islands, bays and beaches, the Adriatic Sean Islands can virtually guarantee you, a little bit of privacy and some truly remarkable anchorages. As with most of the Mediterranean the Sailboat Croatia season is quite long runs from about April through to about the end of October. The weather is predominantly warm and dry during these months.

Sailboat Croatia | Istria, Kornati;

Pula, Murter, Sukosan and Zadar all in the Adratic Sea offers the best conditions for Sailboat Croatia trips to the Kornati National Park, an area of 300 sq. km with about 140 large and small islands and cliffs, which are unique in the whole of the Mediterranean. The south boasts lusher and greener islands with Sailboat Croatia from Split or Sailboat Croatia from Dubrovnik like Brac, Hvar, Vis, Mljet or Korcula. The prevailing wind starts late in the morning and stops at sundown. The wind force is moderate, usually up to wind force 3 to 4. A perfect breeze for Sailboat Croatia and enjoying your Sailboat holiday, with your yacht (Sailboat), your Sailboat or with a flotilla; it doesn’t matter, you will have a great time!

Sailboat Croatia Sailboat Croatia


We can offer Sailboat Croatia from all major marina's as Pula, Murter, Sukosan, Zadar, Biograd, Dubrovnik, Split, and Marina Kastela.


Sailboat Croatia | Conditions:

The best season for Sailboat Croatia is early summer with light to moderate winds in May and June. In July and August, periods of calm prevail, ideal for those who prefer calm waters. Winds are predominantly westerly in the summer. From late September on, the winds strengthen with prolonged periods of the Bora (strong north wind) and the Sirocco (humid east-southeast wind). standard charter time is from Saturday afternoon 17:00h with return to port on Friday 16:00h. On return check out will take place and you can stay on board until Saturday morning 09:00h.For additional information and route suggestion please look at our online Sailboat Itineraries.

Sailboat Croatia Sailboat Croatia

Sailboat Croatia | Dalmatia:

Our Sailboat Croatia charter bases are situated in Pula, Murter, Sukosan and Zadar (main ports North) and Marina Kastela, Dubrovnik and Split in the south. If you come by air we advise you to fly to Zadar or Split (transfer to Murter is approx. 60 - 80 minutes). You can also travel to Adriatic Sea by car via Germany, Austria and Slovenia. The new motorway is ready so it is no longer necessary to take the dangerous coastal route.

Sailboat Croatia  

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