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Sailboat Corsica:

We can offer you yachts to sail to the southern end of beautiful Tuscany in Etrusca Marina, Folloncia, Cala Galera, Piombino, Salivoli, Elba, Capraia, Punta Ala, Giannutri and Giglio. Each of these Sailboat destinations in Tuscany are regarded as superb locations for an excellent Sailboat Yachtchartering around the picturesque Tuscan archipelago. Also you can take part of our Flotilla with start and finish in Piombino. On your sail boat charter vacation you will sail past picturesque old towns, uncrowded pristine sandy beaches through bright-blue crystalline waters to beautiful secluded anchorages and relatively unknown bays, coves and islets.


We can offer Sailboat, flotilla yachts, Sailboat charters and crewed charter to visit:


On your yacht charter you can visit the largest island in the spectacular Tuscan archipelago, Elba, which is followed closely by Gilio. Elba is a superb destination to stop on your charter holiday with both fine sand and pebbled beaches. Gilio is wild and untamed and a hot tourist Mecca at once. From Elba Island you can sail to Capraia Island, near Portoferrio, with its small yet beautiful harbor. For diving and snorkeling enthusiasts Carla Mortola and Cala Rossa are easily accessible by yachts. Your Sailboat holiday will continue north onto Corsica Island and further onto spectacular Saint Florent, an extremely attractive small town with its beautiful ancient citadel.


Sailboat Corsica Conditions:

During the summer, 8-12 knots winds typically blow from the northwest with local patterns around the islands. There are plenty of sheltered harbors, anchorages, and bays although care must be taken due to tides and underwater rocks.
For additional information and route suggestion please look at our online Sailboat Itineraries. Standard charter time is from Saturday afternoon 17:00h with return to port on Friday 16:00h. On return check out will take place and you can stay on board until Saturday morning 09:00h.


In case of questions please contact us at +31 341 456806 or send your e-mail to info@wishfulsailing.co.uk


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