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The probably best possibility the magic Sailboat Seychelles to discover is on board a Sailboat. A fantastisches Sailboat Seychelles district expects experienced sailor, in order to develop your abilities further. Stroll on stunning white beaches, swim in seductively warm waters and cruise from one sweeping bay to another in an area often referred to as the original Garden of Eden. This ‘paradise on earth’ has over 100 islands - almost half of which are set aside as national parks, nature reserves and protected areas. The Seychelles lie one thousand miles east of Africa in the centre of the Indian Ocean, four degrees south of the equator.

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Sailboat Seychelles | Climate and winds:

Perfect sea and weather conditions for the Sailboat Seychelles. The archipelago, which is under the influence of strong winds, is dominated by a distinctive system consisting of two monsoons separated by a month of variable weather : the inter-season. From May to October, almost constant winds blow south easterly with clear skies. The winds drop in November and give way to north-westerly. The most humid & wettest months are from December to March. The south-easterly wind pattern returns in April. In between these two periods of south-easterly and north-westerly winds there are two short periods of calm or light winds. April and May are the sunniest months with a daily average of 7h50' to 8h20' of sun. These slight climate changes barely affect the temperature, which remains at an average of 28 to 32C, both air and sea. No hurricane season in the Seychelles, winds rarely exceed speeds of 30 knots.

The winds for Sailboat Seychelles:
January to March : north-westerly winds are dominant with short spells of wind from the north or north east. Speeds between 10 to 15 knots, small swell. In March winds begin to weaken. April and May : The winds blow from north/east with speeds between 5 to 15 knots. Very calm sea, air temperature 32C, sea temperature 30C. June : south-easterly winds predominate slightly with speeds between 10 and 20 knots. July to September : dry season, air and water temperature at 28C, very few rainfalls. South-easterly winds predominate at a steady 20 to 25 knots. Sea can be choppy and some anchorages not accessible. October and November : Winds and swell decrease progressively. As November goes by north-west winds come back. December : the winds blow from north-west with speeds between 5 and 10 knots. Temperature rises.
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