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Sailing Caribbean | Tortola:

Sailing in the caribbean from the British Virgin Islands from Tortola is the Cream of teh World when it comes to sailing.Caribbean bareboat sailing and power boat destination and home to the world's largest bareboat charter fleet. We represent some of the finest Sailing available for weekly holiday rentals in Tortola! There's nothing which compares to a Caribbean Sailing Tortola and no better place to sail than the British Virgin Islands!

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Destination BVI, your ultimate source for sailing, motor, and luxury yacht charters as well as other Caribbean holiday options available in the BVI. We specialise in the British Virgin Islands, considered by many to be the yachting capital of the world.

We can offer Sailing, Sailing plus shipper all major ports such as : Martinique, St Martin, Cuba, Brasil, BVI and Tortola.

Sailing Caribbean | Tortola Conditions:

Tortola offers sheltered waters and simple navigation.  Winds generally blow northeast to southwest at 10-20 knots.  In the winter months, the winds can be stronger and blow more northeasterly.  
The tidal range is about 12 inches The Windward Islands promise lively Sailing. Winds blow from the northeast in winter months and from the southeast during the summer at 10-25 knots, strengthening around the northern ends of the islands. This itinerary also offers sailors the opportunity to make a few  longer, open-water passages between islands. Some sails can take 7-10 hours.

Standard charter time are from Saturday afternoon 17:00h with return to port on Friday 16:00h. On return check out will take place and you can stay on board until Saturday morning 09:00h.For additional information and route suggestion please look at our online
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Sailing Caribbean | Tortola and the islands nearby

The British Virgin Islands are located in the North West Caribbean Sea between St. Martin to the East and Puerto Rico to the West.



Sailing Caribbean | Tortola:

Enjoys tropical weather and easterly trade wind. The Winter season is generally dry. It is more humid from the end of August to the end of October. Mean air temperatures vary between 22 and 30°C and sea water stays between 24 and 28°C. Tropical days are short. Sun rises at 6am and sun sets around 6pm. The winds are blowing from North-East to South-West and are between 10 and 20 knots in summer, 15 to 25 knots from November to May. Sailing in the Tortola is easy, but you have to look out for corall reefs and rocks as soon as you approach the coast. The sea is in general smooth but a little rougher in the channels between the islands.