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The most important water sport area for Yacht Charter Brazil counts thousand beaches, marinas and 365 islands. The biggest islands is "Ilha Grande" with fantastic beaches and excellent Yacht Charter Brazil possibilities.

An unique area where the mountains of the Atlantic rain forests are continuing until the coast. You can still enjoy quiet beaches and overwhelming nature. The islands Ilha Bela and Ilha Grande are covered with rain forests. Ilha Bela is famous for her many waterfalls, Yacht Charter and the beautiful walking routes. Ihla Grande is the biggest island and is part of the Marine State park. On Ilha Grande you will find the most beautiful beaches, with for example Praia de Lopes Mendes (in the top 12 of the most beautiful beaches on earth). The ocean will surprise you with her many colours of light green and dark blue. The mountains are ending in the sea, which contains shallow for a long time.

Yacht Charter Brazil Yacht Charter Brazil


Angra dos Reis is situated in the middle of the green coast of Rio de Janeiro and contains many Yacht Charter Brazil clubs and hotels. Night times are very enjoyable with the great offer of bars and restaurants. A few miles away from Angra you will find the historical city Paraty where the colonial architecture is well preserved. Paraty is free of cars and provided with the most beautiful pousadas (pensions) around a beautiful garden. In the early years there was a Portuguese fortress here and close to the city you still can see the relics of the Caminho do Ouro. The Portuguese constructed this 1200 Km long and steep road straight through the rain forest, to reach the gold mines Minais Gerais.

The Brazilian people are very friendly and hospitable. The climate for Yacht Charter Brazil give a and in with this, together with the spacious landscape and the fruits that grow easily. Angra is situated at about 50 Nm from Rio de Janeiro.

Yacht Charter Brazil Yacht Charter Brazil

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